Why this exists?

Small Minds Discuss People, Average Minds Discuss Events but Great Minds Discuss Ideas

Elanor Roosevelt

Every single moment entails some stimulus from the external world. This stimulus leads to a response from us. This process of stimulus-response leads to learning. Now the question that emerges out of this behaviour is the impact that this process has. Most of the stimuli that we come across is usually inconsequential and most of our responses to it are trivial but there are instances, when certain stimuli entails a significant response, because of our inability to retain the ideas that emerge, most of the mental work that has been put in is lost and the ideas dissipate as soon as they emerge. This blog is my humble attempt to channel my thoughts to a productive end and also to be able to put down the ideas that emerge as a response to the events that occur around us.

The other aspect that I feel is important is to understand that people are malleable and their ideas certainly are subject to change when new facts emerge. It is slightly unfair to hold people to the ideas that they had at an earlier point of time. Ideas might change over time. As long as people take responsibility for their ideas, words and actions, blaming people for their antiquated ideas might lead to a stifling of new ideas emerging. I might share some ideas in this blog which might transform over the course of time. Please follow all the posts over a certain topic rather than considering a single post in isolation.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

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